close up of hand on table with smartphone featuring the Ford Pass app

SYNC® is your gateway to a refined, more connected driving experience in new Ford vehicles. The newest version of SYNC® infotainment is compatible with a wide variety of different apps, including FordPass™, Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay®. Plus, with SYNC AppLink™, you can control a vast number of other mobile applications using your touchscreen or steering wheel. To get a hands-on look at how SYNC® will change the way you drive forever, visit our Ford dealership in Braintree, MA.

What Is FordPass™?

Stay better connected with your new Ford truck, car, van or SUV with FordPass™, an exciting mobile application that allows you to do everything from remote starting your vehicle to initiating a roadside assistance claim all from the comfort of your mobile device. You can check your fuel level, service history, warranty info and even get an exact GPS location of where your Ford is parked with this app. What's more, you can also securely make car payments with Ford Credit on the FordPass™ app. Download FordPass™ on your Apple® or Android™ device today!

How Does SYNC AppLink™ Work?

SYNC AppLink™ allows you to control your favorite applications directly from your touchscreen or by using your steering wheel buttons, depending on what version of SYNC® your vehicle has. Apps that can be controlled by SYNC AppLink™ include:

  • Acast -- An app that takes the sound of your voice and converts it into actions, like listening to your favorite podcast or audio show.
  • AllergyAlert -- Do you suffer from allergies? This helpful application provides you with reliable forecasts and information, so you can predict how your day will go.
  • Cisco Webex Meetings -- When you're on the go, this app connects with your Cisco Webex account. This way you can share content and even join meetings whenever you're behind the wheel of a Ford.
  • Cityseeker -- Traveling across the country in your Ford just got easier, as this app allows you to access tourist information, like restaurants and events in over 500 cities worldwide.
  • Ford+Alexa -- If you're on the road, your preferred Amazon Alexa device can connect to AppLink™ so you can get all your questions answered.
  • Pandora ­­-- That's right, everyone's favorite free personalized radio app can be controlled from your Ford!
  • Waze Navigation & Live Traffic -- Avoid traffic caused by accidents and get instant updates on your journey with Waze.

Apple CarPlay® & Android Auto™ Details

Are you an Apple® or Android™ smartphone user? If so, Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ functions were designed with you in mind. Android Auto™ casts a Google Now-like user interface onto your Ford model's touchscreen, so you can control your favorite playlists and access all your favorite apps without having to look away from the road. And if you plug in your Apple® device via USB, your SYNC® infotainment system will display an iPhone® phone screen so you can do the same.